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I think it's possible. Animal Crossing can attract an audience very few franchises in gaming could: women, especially in Japan. Animal Crossing as a franchise appears to have struck a cord with women and if the cards are played right and the game delivers quality-wise, I think we will get another great Animal Crossing hit.

Pokemon Gen 8 will be interesting as it will be a new generation on a home console. Pokemon Let's Go has been able to succeed as a remake of Pokemon Yellow with Pokemon Go elements. Now we will see how a new generation of Pokemon will fare as the developers will focus on the handheld aspects of Pokemon through this upcoming game(s).

As for a price cut, I think the Switch can make it without a price cut...As long as the potential Switch mini hits the mark and allows families to buy more Switch units for the household. I wonder if Nintendo will prioritize more on profiting on the Switch as much as they can or attract new consumers with a price cut...?