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CGI-Quality said:
flashfire926 said:
I have to respect the developers here, not giving in to entitled gamers, and standing their ground.

This is easy for them to say because if it doesnt do well, there's no harm in taking it off PC anyways.

 There's plenty of harm in removing a huge chunk of your fanbase and even more in baiting them if you don't get your way. You will be seeing some form of apology quite soon. Count on it.

Yeah, unfortunately (or fortunately) the apology will come very soon.  

I think these exclusivity deals cause some harm in the short term, but ultimately the goal is to bring the developer cut on PC down to 12% as a standard. Once Steam gives in, it will be a major victory of PC developers.

Announcing this just three weeks prior to release, I admit, is worth the backlash. They should've done it months ahead, like Division 2.

Bet with Intrinsic:

The Switch will outsell 3DS (based on VGchartz numbers), according to me, while Intrinsic thinks the opposite will hold true. One month avatar control for the loser's avatar.