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Ka-pi96 said:
flashfire926 said:
I have to respect the developers here, not giving in to entitled gamers, and standing their ground.

This is easy for them to say because if it doesnt do well, there's no harm in taking it off PC anyways.

The dev going bankrupt and all the staff losing their jobs due to the next game having a massive decline in sales is "no harm"?

I don't know what the profit margins for the game are or exactly how much of that comes from PC, so I don't know exactly how likely a scenario like that is, but even if it doesn't go to the extreme end like that it absolutely will still hurt the company financially!

And what about respecting consumers and not giving in to entitled devs?

Did you read the first part of the sentence? If it sells poorly on PC, the cost of removing it would be very miniscule, causing no harm, probably. Since the amount of sales removed was very little.

It's only a "massive decline" if they decide to pull it when it sells well, which they're not gonna.

It's up to the fans to keep the series on PC.

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