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ratolmc said:
How is Cyberpunk 2077 not number 1. That game is going to be revolutionary. Its the type of game that comes every few years and shakes up the industry setting and raising new standards to judge games by from henceforth. I understand every gamer is different with their own tastes but Cyberpunk 2077 is too ambitious to not be number 1. Games like GTA, Red Dead, and Elder Scrolls are games the entire industry are most anticipating. Now that Red Dead 2 has released all eyes are on Cyberpunk, ES6, and of course the inevitable GTA6.

Since the poll is conducted in VGChartz, results will be skewed but if the poll was conducted universally Metroid would not be number 1, a game with next to no information in development for an under powered console. Pokemon I understand since its a massive brand but results would most likely be Cyberpunk 2077, ES6, and Last of Us 2 which are all potentially industry defining games.

did you just get into gaming a month ago? this is a pathetically misinformed perspective