Chazore said: 

I did. As I saw those games improving visually, I naturally expected them to transition away from being completely turn based, and preventing their games from looking like this as time goes on:

The older games and their pixel art style very much suited turn based play, but as you strive for more realistic visuals and style, turn based starts to look rather jarring and dated. 

Then real question would be, why are you interested in Final Fantasy? If you don't like or feel Turn base combat is dated, then there are enough open work action RPG out there to suit your needs. There isn't anyone who is a fan of Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat asking them to update their game's primary gameplay because graphics are improving. They are both still 2D plane fighters. 

What FF fans of old current lack is FF game that looks like FF15 or better but plays like FF6-9. This is what they want but this isn't what SquEnix are making anymore. No one is asking for realising with pixel art.They are asking for interactive worlds with a battle system that feel like it has strategy and you have control instead of 'auto attack' or mash buttons to win.

Of course I say this in the knowledge they have actually only released 2 new FF games in a decade, one was linear and took control from the player while the other went open world action because it was left overs of a spin-off. 

Hmm, pie.