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Sony's been pretty quiet on their 2019 plans.  They cancelled PSX at the end of 2018, then announced that they wouldn't be in attendance at this year's E3, but will Sony sit idle on the sidelines?  I highly doubt it.

I'm guessing that they are going to hold an official press conference in the near future to announce PS5 - but when?  Do they get a jump start on Microsoft and Nintendo ahead of E3, or do they wait until after E3 to see what hands the other two play?  My money is on the former.

At that press conference - I'm expecting them to show off the power of the PS5 - showcasing first party games running on the new system.  Some of those games - like The Last of Us: Part II and Ghost of Tsushima - will be cross-gen releases with PS4.  The PS5 will also be backwards compatible to the PS4 library. They will show a teaser trailer for a Horizon: Zero Dawn sequel -as well as other 3rd party surprises. (Bloodborne 2, Final Fantasy VII Remake update).  PSVR will see a 2.0 revision as well. They will announce that the PS5 will launch in the Spring of 2020 - but will not announce a price at that time with more info to come at PSX 2019.

Sony will then make a permanent price cut to the PS4 to $249 - making it more competitive with the Switch throughout the year.

I think The Last of Us: Part II will come out in the fall to both critical and commercial acclaim.  Sony will then bundle it at that sweet $199 price point from Black Friday through Christmas- helping the PS4 to have its best holiday period to date.

What do you think? Will Sony officially announce the PS5 this year? Could The Last Of Us: Part II release this year? Share your comments / predictions below!