OTBWY said:
colafitte said:
What it seems too, is that 2019 could be the worst year for hardware sales since i remember in Japan. Everything is dead except Switch, but it doesn't seem Switch is going to have a prime year like DS or Wii back then either...

Rough 2019 coming indeed....

With Yokai Watch 4, Fire Emblem and Pokemon in Japan, I think this will be a much different story you're portraying for Switch this year. 

The comparison with Wii was wrong, i admit that, but i was thinking DS. DS back in the the day sold around 8M in a year in JP. Switch won't come close to that at all. Most people here are expecting Switch to sell between 4-4'5M this year. And i was saying that because that was what the industry needed in JP to not reach the low levels of hardware sales that 2019 is projecting.

And Switch is going to sell a lot of software this year, i'm not denying that. But huge software sales doesn't always mean huge hardware sales and viceversa.