colafitte said:
Considering KH III and RE2 lack digital sales which in PS4 should be around 10-15% in Japan por both (i'd be surprised if it's more than that), they did fine, but nothing amazing.

As for PS4..., rough times are coming. PS4 needs desperately a permanent price cut in Japan, if not, PS4 is going to be massively down this year.

And Switch, it seems is coming back already to the baseline of last year of around 50k sales per week. We will see if this is true or not in coming weeks.

Switch will be interesting to see for sure, remainding 9 weeks of the quarter  last year Switch averaged 45.5k units per week. I'd imagined they beat would beat that but by how much?

Switch this week was 11% higher than last year that and so far a total of 48% for the entire quarter.