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alternine said:
MTZehvor said:

I'm having difficulty myself telling if this response is serious or not.

Owners are (for better or for worse, often worse) involved just as much with the team as much of the executive staff. Whether it's through hiring upper level staff like head coaches and GMs, deciding where the team should play, attempting to get the funding necessary to build a new stadium. The point isn't that an owner is out there actually playing on the field, but conversely, you don't have to be there out on the field in order to have a vested interest in a team winning.

So 1 rotten apple spoils the bunch huh. And people wonder why the Patriots fanbase is hated lol

I mean, people hated the Heat in the early 2010s pretty much exclusively because of Lebron. Popular opinion recently began to root against the Warriors in large part of Kevin Durant's move there. It wouldn't be difficult to make a case that much of the dislike that exists for the Cowboys is largely due to Jerry Jones. So...yes, one person can make an organization immensely more hate-able.

The only difference is that those people were just viewed as acting "cowardly" or being generally annoying. Kroenke single handily screwed over a city's economy, destroyed the financial well being of dozens of families, and his actions ultimately led to someone committing suicide. I don't think it's unreasonable to dislike a team for that line of logic.