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zorg1000 said:
DonFerrari said:

If PS3 got under 199 with cell that was quite exclusive design and BD drives were more expensive at the time. PS4 can certainly reach 149 if Sony wants.

They really cheaped out on that PS3 sku to get it down to $199, it only had 12gb storage and had that flimsy sliding cover.

I dont see Sony making that poor of a PS4 revision. I'm thinking $199 will be the lowest PS4 ever gets down to but with significantly more storage and a higher quality build.

You may not see, and I don't have anything to say you are wrong. That is the reason I said if Sony want to do it. They could even go crazy and sell for 99 while costing 149 if they see it as a way to tail it out if PS5 is BC and just capture some late buyers on the platform to get PS+ revenue.

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