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JamesGarret said:

I´m almost done with DQXI and I´m considering getting ToV now that there´s a remaster, never played it when it was originally released for the X360.

If you played both, which one is the better game overall (story, world, characters, etc) for you?

I platinumed DQXI and have all the achievements for ToV (and now playing Tov on PS4).

I would give DQXI a 8.5 and ToV a 9.

Music: I prefer ToV, except for the DQ Theme I don't really care that much for DQ's soundtrack while Tov has so many songs I liked.

Characters: ToV is for me a game that has some of the best characters in a JRPG ever, normally I always don't care about a few or most of them but ToV has overal a good party.

Story:  This depends on you, I felt DQ had a great Classic story and ToV has a great story aswell.

Gameplay:  bit outdated compared to maybe the newer Tales games but it is still fast and rewarding.

World/sidequests:  Their is a lot of stuff to do in DQ and aswell in Tov I prefer ToV though.

The only thing I consider maybe a negative thing is the fact that you may miss a lot of stuff in ToV.  it is the typical game that you have to play with a guide if you want to get everything.  But it is a tales games so you have the typical grade shop where you can get 10x experience/ take all the stuff you unlocked received with you in the new playtrough. So honestly I would say get ToV and the first playtrough just enjoy it, only tip I can give you is to play it atleast on Normal so you can earn Grade.