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Hiku said:

First of all, really good job on the execution and presentation of the topic, @mZuzek
Was nice to see all the different breakdowns, and that each game in the top 100 was presented with a banner.

I was pleased to see Majora's Mask at #12, before I kept scrolling down, and realized that the entire Top 20 (except SOTC) was nothing but Nintendo games, and 4 other Zelda titles were above Majora, so I was like... oh... T_T

And I'm not sure how this relates to the fanbase of VGCZ vs people who participated, but since I like the effort put into this, I will make sure to try to participate next time.

The top 2 on PS4 being Persona 5 and Nier is pretty accurate to my personal taste though, but there are many big games I haven't played yet.
Suikoden II landed on #43 for PS1 with 1 vote. Since it's my favorite game of all time, I'll make sure it gets one more vote next time. lol

I just need another week or two of playing Smash. After that it's the Suikoden trilogy for me, followed by Wargroove!