mZuzek said:
Victorlink87 said:

Yeah, he is all the things you listed. Sould he ever, and I mean ever begin to strip guns away (even if its just from certain groups) from people I would encourage you to flee. Thats the only thing I see that indicates he won't be a full blown fascist. Right now he is an absolute ass hole and corrupt.

Its sad, but something similar although to a much lesser extent happened in the US. Both of these guys were elected by a base that normally would not vote for them. They took advantage of the high percentage of people fed up with corruption and that were extremely marginalized in the public sphere.

My friend. I hope things get better in Brazil.


Yeah, Bolsonaro's political campaign was extremely similar to Trump's, but I see Bolsonaro as even more of a threat. I appreciate your wishes, but I don't see things getting any better, any time soon - see, Bolsonaro's vice-president is a military general, who has already had some amazingly horrible quotes to his name, and has recently replied to media questions with "we won't talk about this anymore". In fact, this kind of censorship has already unofficially begun in Brazil since the elections, with people (myself included) often afraid of stating their thoughts and opinions because it can make you a target - and from here, I only see it getting worse. If it sounds like a dictatorship, well, yeah, it's because it'll likely be one.

It's been several months now since I decided to leave the country, so don't worry about me on that front. I'm just thinking I'm probably going to have to speed up that process because this place is going ham faster than I expected.

I am glad you are already making plans. I hope we end up being wrong.

I do not think of Trump as a fascist. He is a lot of things, but not a fascist. Even if he were our Constitution was built to prevent someone like him from taking over. If America falls to any form of fascism it will be by an entire party gaining control of all three branches and most major states. I just hate that is abruptness and harshness has inspired someone like Bolsonaro.