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Chazore said:
Lafiel said:
Hm.. if they needed to play Protoss v Protoss as the AI isn't trained enough in other match-ups yet, then they should've let it play against a Pro player that actually mains Protoss

Afaik, they've been training the AI with neural networks (They call "Agents"), which have also played 5v5 matches, to which that data is then handed to the Alpha Star AI, which is technically like having 5 Alpha one AI's working as one unit at the same time.

The next upcoming match (within a few minutes) seems to be Alpha Star vs a pro Polish Protoss player. 


Edit: The AI just beat the Protoss player. 

I watched the matches they showed against TLO and they were rough from both sides, but the games against Mana (a top tier european protoss - not quite on the lvl of the korean protosses though) are much cleaner.