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dx11332sega said:
Dgc1808 said:

I don't know any japanese but when in doubt, youtube.

Thanks I learned ima say them randomly now . Someone correct me thanks ^_^

11 = juu ichi

45 = yon juu go 

46 = yon juu roku

78 = nana juu hachi

15 = juu go

29 = ni juu kyuu

67 = roku juu nana

99 = kyuu juu kyuu

It seems correct to me.

dx11332sega said:
I heard in class baba is something very offensive can someone explain?

Baba is "Grandma" in a rude way. You're supposed to say "obaa-san" to be polite. Most "offensive" words in Japanese have a very normal meaning, but in an impolite way (most of "insults" in anime just mean "you"...).

Anyway, good luck with your Japanese! The beginning is pretty fun and shouldn't be too complicated, so enjoy! (it will get a lot harder if your objective is a high level though)