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Evilms said:
393 Gflops docked
196 Gflops undocked

Switch, as everybody knows, supports two kinds of FLOPS(PS4 Pro can do this as well). The "standard" is FP32. For that, Switch 153.6/192 GFLOPS in handheld mode and 384 GFLOPS docked. The other kind, FP16, doubles those numbers. 

By the way, raw numbers is not the whole story. Switch uses a newer and more efficient GPU architecture than PS3 and 360, so even though the handheld numbers look lower than PS3/360, the actual performance are better.  Furthermore, Switch is basicly a portable, and people who buy it don't care about specs, otherwise they would buy a PS4, or the state of the art XBoxOne X for the best 3rd party game experience.

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