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Kirin_gaming said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:

... Dude, it's literally just a random picture I found on the internet ... in fact I think the pictures were from the same article I copied the descriptions from

oh god, is this thread really going to start being overrun by elitists this late in it's life?  

Oh no, you took my comment the wrong way. There's really no way to be elitists about those 3 dishes since they all can be prepared in like ten different ways. That kind of enchilada though I do absolutely hate since I've never had a good one that looked like that.

Oh I didn't think you were trying to be mean or anything, lol. That's just a pet peeve of mine in general - if I'm trying to represent the most basic concept of something, I'm just going to get some random picture, not take a long time to find the best looking version available. It's like if I grab a screenshot from a really high budget triple A game, but because of motion blur it's a bit blurry. If someone responds saying the game looks like trash because of that ... it's just well ... frustrating (especially if we're not really talking about how good these look but rather how good they are). 

That being said, you are right. There are a lot of different variations. To answer your question, most burritos don't look like that here ... because that's actually a breakfast burrito, not a regular burrito. I'm not a fan of egg, so I guess I would say breakfast burritos are a bit of a sore on the eyes. They are a lot more appetizing to me when I see them without egg, but they always look kind of sloppy. I've actually never had an Enchilada that looked any different from the one in the original post. I mean ... I have had some that look a bit more appetizing (for example a lot bigger and not quite as drowned in sauce), but I've only ever eaten a red-sauced Enchilada before, not any other way. Those are the only popular variants here, I think at least. I hate it. So maybe I'll try it another way. The Chimichanga in the original post is not what most of them look like. To me at least, they're usually bigger, a little bit less brown, and also the ingredients inside look a LOT more appetizing. Actually didn't even notice that till now .. the ones I eat usually are more colorful.

But there is still a lot of trash. I can't recommend anything from Taco Bell for example. A lot of decent Mexican restaurants also taste way too similar here in Arizona ... so if it isn't good enough for you, you'll have to experiment a few times to find one that stands out.