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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Kirin_gaming said:
As someone who lived in Mexico for almost 17 years... The food in those pictures looks disgusting, especially the enchilada. I lived in the north of Mexico though so I don't know whether that's how they make it in the south, or that is the Americanized version of those dishes.

... Dude, it's literally just a random picture I found on the internet ... in fact I think the pictures were from the same article I copied the descriptions from

oh god, is this thread really going to start being overrun by elitists this late in it's life?  

Oh no, you took my comment the wrong way. There's really no way to be elitists about those 3 dishes since they all can be prepared in like ten different ways. That kind of enchilada though I do absolutely hate since I've never had a good one that looked like that.