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colafitte said:
TruckOSaurus said:
It's a shame that wild rumors inflating everyone's expectations kinda rained on Switch's parade when it did achieve the best single month performance of any console this gen.

I told people in that infamous PR from Nintendo back in November to not trust blindly insiders predictions like Benji, because they are just..., that, and they can be wrong, as it ended happening in December. If Nintendo says something and it is proved wrong afterwards, choosing to believe Nintendo numbers is always still a better choice.

And yes, Switch did fantastic, 1'7-1'8M in December, after such November is a great result. We should look more what Switch did Nov+Dec combined than just December. That shows more and better perspective of Switch success.

Benji: "I will no longer be providing any sort of insight into the industry, sales data, or anything of that nature permanently. Sorry to those that enjoy what I share but my mental health is more important"