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Bliss said:

Sure. But considering Switch was released 11 years after 360 and 10 after PS3, maybe it's legitimate to not be impressed by it, and almost shocked that games like Uncharted3 still look more impressive than most Switch games, even if Switch is younger in its life cycle.  

What I am saying is give it time before we start making arbitrary decisions on how good/poor the Switch is from a games visual standpoint and try to keep the comparisons as fair as possible.

At the end of the day, the Switch could hypothetically run Uncharted 3... And hypothetically run it better than the Playstation 3, other ports have determined that to be the case. - But a port isn't going to show off the Switch's capabilities verses a game that is built from the ground up (Engine and all) to take full advantage of the Switch's hardware.

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