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Farsala said:
Cerebralbore101 said:

The problem I have with Xbox and PC games is that they just don't hold up all that well in retrospect. Ask me to play Pikmin 2, and I'm all for it. Ask me to go back to Civ 4? Not in a million years. That game is just so clunky even by 2004 standards. Morrowwind, and Oblivion (even though it did come to PS3) are two more examples. Those games have both aged hilariously badly. The original Half Life, and Witcher are pretty much unplayable, even when compared to contemporary games like Halo (for Half LIfe), and Fable II (for the Witcher). 

Depends on the game.

Civ 3 holds up for me quite well, Smash bros melee holds up, but ask me to play OG Smash bros instead, no thanks.

Yeah I don't understand how anybody could vote for OG Smash over Melee. That, and Goldeneye getting a spot in the top 100 gave me an aneurysm.