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Darashiva said:
mZuzek said:

There sure are many who just can't come up with a top 50, but I for one am kinda glad there wasn't an overwhelming amount of people this year, being my first time and all. I feel it was also a result of the general inactivity around here last year, I'm expecting the site to pick up a lot this year as it's likely gonna be a more news-filled year in gaming, and hopefully that reflects in more people taking part too.

In any case, the list is probably more diverse than it's being given credit for - the issue is more with the top 20 being insanely Nintendo-centric, and beyond bringing in more people, that's always gonna be hard to change because people tend to flock towards the same games when it comes to Nintendo. Be them Nintendo fans or not, games like SMB3, SMW, Galaxy 1/2, Odyssey, Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Breath of the Wild and Super Metroid are bound to show up high in many people's lists simply because they stand out more, whereas different consoles usually have a wider variety of good games and thus the votes will be more spread out.

Yeah, that's more or less it. Most of the list is really diverse, I just don't quite agree with the idea that Nintendo has made 18 of the 20 best games ever made. Many of them certainly deserve their spot that high up no question. There are just some that I really don't see being that high, but that's always the case with opinions.

Part of the problem is that there are 5 different Smash games, 7 generations of Poke'mon, and 9 Mario Karts. People can't agree on which game in a series is best, so we wind up with every game in a long running Nintendo series getting a spot in the top 100.