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CosmicSex said:
I still believe that the PS4 outsold the Xbox and I believe that it sold closer to the Switch than has been speculated so far. I do not believe that the switch sold more than PS4+Xbox combined. I think Benji has a pulse on sales but I don't think he has the entire picture. Also, if holiday sales were down at gamestop per Benji's post at 6.1%

This indicates that HW for December of 2018 may infact be less than hardware for December 2017. There is simply no way that the Switch could be past 2 million.
And if it did, and HW was around the same 4.5 million sales, there would be more sales coming from ps4 and xbox one combined. 3DS has tanked YoY.

So you think PS4 will be up YoY, by a good chunk? Would you care to explain why, with no deals, that it would be up YoY?