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peachbuggy said:
konnichiwa said:
Shit, this thread was fecked up XD.

Anyway Nintendo did a good job with the Switch but am bit dissapointed with known releasedates so far. They have this huge pile of announced games but this quarter feels so dry, Is it possible they still announce some games for this quarter? Would be dissapointed if they only have Nindies/Multiplatform/low sales games till Yoshi.

Maybe they were banking on Travis strikes again? Although it doesn't appear to have been reviewed very favourably.

They never banked on that game to begin with Suda delayed it to January to avoid being steamrolled by Smash, as far as releases go this week we had the Vesperia and Onimusha remasters alongside NSMBU with indie title Dragon Marked at the end of the month.