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The games you listed have many remasters, so are you trying to say that the industry can see that remastering relatively new games on new platforms sell? If so, Square Enix and Sony already showed it with Tomb Raider and The Last of Us.

Yet you get publishers that after this claiming that the future is online games with content being delivered piece by piece and littered with micro transactions.  The games you mentioned were before such claims were made.


So with it happening with more recent games after this big lootbox push, and games like SFV and Battlefront  2 flopped, it is much more meaningful now as it proves those claims to be wrong.


Also the mention of remasters is not to say that remasters sell, the point went entirely over your head.  If that were the case, LA Noir would have sold gangbusters compared to the PS360 release.  But it didn't because a flawed game is still a flawed game.


The point that was that a remaster of a quality game will sell better than a shady multiplayer only game with shady practices and loot boxes, despite how publishers try to spin it.  And that speaks volumes about what is really important to consumers as a whole.

I don't think there is much to be seen here. Complete games that are well made and have amazing marketing with mass appeal sell. We saw it right before the Switch released with Horizon Zero Dawn.


You claim that, but people were legitimately scared when publishers said otherwise that quality in games would take a nose dive.  This is why people made such a big deal about Breath of the Wild and God of War, but still nay sayers would try to say that those were unique situations.  As time goes on however, that is proven not to be the case.

Last edited by Shiken - on 16 January 2019

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