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curl-6 said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:
And how many shooters have you actually played? You don't own a Gaming PC, or a PS4, or an Xbox One.

Got several friends and family members who do.

Sounds like an excuse at best to make sweeping generalizations about a genre which are incredibly obvious and have been made several times .... 

I don't disagree entirely. DOOM fills in a niche that needed to be more represented in the industry. It's also way better than most other games in terms of campaign-content, but then again, that's not something that most modern shooters even focus on much, so the OP is a little odd given a lot of the examples don't work for multiplayer (Battlefield has never been very SP-oriented, COD cut it out, etc). 

There are many shooters which occupy a unique position in the industry. 2015-2016 in particular was a fruitful year: Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch and DOOM were all great. Rainbow Six Siege took the basic concept of Counter-Strike and Overwatch gets compared too much to to many different games (mostly because of a few copy cats as well as the fact that Valve games have an irregularly long lifespan, so even though TF2 was almost 10 years old people saw OW as a copy), but they were still unique to the industry at that time. Even before that we got Wolfenstein, which basically hit every mark DOOM did, it just arguably wasn't as good.

The circle-jerk around DOOM is really condescending. It's not that it isn't earned, it's that people have to act like it's some kind of unprecedented accomplishment in the industry. It isn't. There are a ton of interesting first person shooters both from triple-A developers and indie devs. It's just that because a few developers (343, Ubisoft, Activision, Bungie etc.) ruined the fun for many gamers that we have to reiterate constantly how great DOOM is. People who complain about the latest triple A but don't even really follow shooters can just keep saying it over and over again, because it's easy. But of course it's not true to the extent they say, there's a lot of popular games which are very confident in their playstyle. 

Again though, I'm not saying the OP is wrong, it's definitely right. DOOM is a fantastic game which has game design that is confident, and it's not comparable to too many properties in the gaming space right now.

But yeah, I know that's me just being a cynical pessimistic butt-head as usual ...