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mjk45 said:
DonFerrari said:

Drinkandswin (not alone on being overoptimistic, but to this extent I think only him).

Basically he thinks about Switch getting a HH pricetag in the future, and X1 and PS4 sales dropping a lot.

Plus of course Nintendo predicting this FY to be 20M (instead of probable 18M) made 25M for FY19, 22M for FY20  and 20M for FY21 (same as FY18) reasonable on his analysis.

So no  PS5 or XBOX 2 in his future horizon .

Funny that you ask. He thinks PS5 will do considerably lower than PS4 (because Switch will have a 70M userbase and most gamers and games will prefer it then the new platform) while X720 will die a painfull death.

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