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Intrinsic said:
colafitte said:

Yeah, when i said that the other day maybe i was too much optimistic, mostly knowing how Sony is acting recently is not going to happen. 16M is a better prediction.

Haha...... you guys think 16M? 

I think the PS4 is going to do 15M this year. And sony is going to announce shipment total fr the FY of 16M.

And the reason it will d only 15M is because sony will not cut the price of the PS4 till november if at all. Or at best just do the same promotional $199 bundle again. 

I am calling it, as long as this year sales stay above 2014 sales sony will not drop the price.

Ups, i did not see your post.

16M is a scenario where a $50 discount comes around half of the year, and it's probably the best scenario. I'm more on the side of 15-16M than 16-17M if you know what i mean. 

PS4 without a PS5 announcement yet in 2019 won't fall to less than 15M in my opinion, even without price cuts.

Edit: And it could very well just ship 14M in FY 2019 and still sell around 15-16M as proved in previous years.