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Another thing it seems i going to be spot on, or almost spot on.

After saying Spiderman was going to sell 10M by the end of the year, back in August, and saying PS4 was going to sell 18'0M in 2018 to consumers back in December. I said this before Smash launch:

"I expected 4M worldwide sold first week (since launch until first sunday) and around 8'5M worldwide at the end of the year so this seems to be on track. Smash is not that popular in Europe as in North America and Japan, but I expect huge sales in USA. For the first week, something like 2'0M US, 700k Europe, 900 JP and around 400k (maybe a little less) in the rest of the world."

The only place where i'm not going to be practically 100% perfect is Japan because it did better than i expected.

So another good prediction made. Next one, Switch selling 16'3M to consumers and 9-10 units shipped for Q3.