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LurkerJ said:

It's easy to blame Activision for the bad reception TWO, not one, Bungie games have received. It's not like their union was forced upon Bungie.

I want to know just how big Destiny of an IP is at the moment, with the game being given for free just months ago and the rise of Fortnite-like games, it doesn't look like the IP is standing on solid grounds.

It's is one likely scenario behind Activision deciding to sell the IP to bungie , the other  scenario being when they came up with the ten year plan there may have been a clause where it came back to Bungie at the end of the ten year contract if there wasn't a renewal of contract , this would tie in with activision selling now ,  not wanting to renew contract due to gaming climate and  Destiny had made them good money but  was now past its peak so rather than wait for the  IP to revert to Bungie make an early sale.