dx11332sega said:
VAMatt said:
Generally speaking, I see the devs having more freedom as a good thing. But, I don't think this necessarily means they have more freedom. They've now lost their deep pocketed sugar daddy, and gotta make a go of it on their own (or find a new sugar daddy). They're a for-profit enterprise, not an artists' collective. So, they don't just get to do whatever they want. Every dollar is now more important than ever. They gotta get 'em somewhere.

Microsoft pockets are very deep and provide freedom I hope bungie makes an exclusive deal with them activision pockets are 2nd behind microsoft me thinks I don't know any other that comes close to that?

Microsoft's pockets are deep , but the money would come from  the xbox division and they have a budget, plus there was no deep pocketed sugar daddy just a commercial publishing arrangement that made both parties money.