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padib said:
WessleWoggle said:

Wanna dabble in some advanced mathematics with me sometimes? I love working with infinity and trying to divide by zero, I'm really into working with infinitesimals and all the theories with cute goofy names, but also appreciate the ones with advanced names only were able to grasp. I really love imaginary numbers and higher and lower dimensional stuff, and connecting string theory and quantum physics to old hindu scriptures which describe exactly the same things. I believe the universe is infinite and the big bang is nothing more than a black hole that reached critical mass and banged, I believe in infinite parallel universes, proving retard flat earthers wrong, explaining how to mandela effect works in the light of time travelers(I'm a Chrononot if you know what that is but thats a masonic thing I can't really talk about here), confabulation, alternate dimensions, higher and lower vibrations of reality, I love conspriacy theories and wikileaks and figuring out what is being covered up and whats true and false, I know a lot of old military members that confirm the conspiracy stuff as true, at least in their perception when it comes to reptillians, greys, the nordic aliens, nephillim, space travelers, the global cover up of all these things, the Philadelphia experiment and the like. I'm really into NASA and hope to become an ASTRONOT one day. I really like theories about the second sun Nemesis and Nibiru, which are both real things and I could actually show you a video I have on my phone of Nemesis, our suns twin ;) along with ufo footage and stuff and we can figure out what kinda of experimental planes they are as I live close to an active airport that does a lot of military business. 

Pm me.

astronot... astronOT ...  ASTRONOT!

WessleWoggle said:

I have an off the charts high IQ


You heard me right. I want to go to space. I want to work in the ISS.