Zkuq said:
Eh. I'm glad I'm not too interested in The Division, because this most likely means I'm going to skip it as long as it doesn't feel like a must-have game (which, like I said, it doesn't). I don't feel like exclusivities like this are a good thing, I don't like Tencent being behind Epic Games, and the Epic Store client's offline mode didn't sound too functional (although that's just based on some forum discussions I've seen). It sounds like Epic Store is great for publishers and not so much for gamers. Currently the only incentive I have to start using Epic Store are exclusives, and I generally strongly dislike the practice of exclusives.

We'll see how well Epic Games does with this. If the Epic Games Store fails to provide meaningful sales overall then this will probably be a very short lived run of exclusive titles. I can understand publishers wanting to make their own games exclusive to their own stores but this is something different. If games like The Division 2 end up with poor PC sales and it gets determined they would have been much better off letting the game be sold on Steam as well then this practice might not last. It may also just be something that Epic Games is paying a good deal of money for upfront to help get their own store off the ground and they stop doing it later. I'm not even sure these store exclusivity deals are something permanent. On the flip side, if the Epic Games Store does well, then Valve will be forced to respond somehow. I'd say a good start would be cleaning up their mess of a store. Way too much garbage on it with few methods of effectively filtering it out.