Acevil said:
Switch and PS4 did fine in 2018 (Not home runs, but not awful). Will be interesting to see how they are doing post in February and March as the dust settles.

Smash ends up being the best selling title on both Media Create and Famitsu, I honestly did not think that would happen (I knew Smash would do well, but it really shot up fast).

Dragon Quest Builders for the Switch beat the PS4 one, which is also surprising, since PS4 has been largely getting every Dragon Quest game and the one that Switch got before this was on PS4 first.

Judge Eyes does well for the third week, which is healthy for new IP. Showcasing better legs.

A lot of games continue to have amazing legs, and see you guys in an hour for part 2 of media create I assume?

Media Create week 52 & week 1 are tomorrow.

Famitsu week 1 is friday

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