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HoloDust said:
lestatdark said:

I got both Two Worlds (Two Worlds Epic Edition & Two Worlds II HD) on sale this winter and will give them a go eventually. How's the spell crafting different in these games? 

Every spell that is crafted consists of at least two cards - one is carrier and the other is effect. Depending on your skills, there is certain amount of slots spell can have. Then there's modifiers on top of that

Effects are (by type of magic):

- Air: Air, Life and Lightning
- Earth: Stone, Earth and Undead
- Fire: Fire, Power and Force
- Water: Water, Ice and Psyche
- Necro: Poison, Corpse and Decay

Carriers : Altar, Area Effect, Enchant, Missile, Summon, Trap

Modifiers: Damage, Homing, Protection, Ricochet, Spray, Time

So for example basic Heal would be Life + Enchant.
What's great about this system is you can combine several things and make some really powerful and unexpected combinations.

That's really cool, reminds me a bit of the DSS Card system in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon for the GBA. You combined two different set of cards (Action and Attribute) to create several different magic effects (whip elemental effects, summons, monster attacks, etc).

I think I'm going to give it a try soon then :D

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