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CladInShadows said:
lestatdark said:

Still need to go back to Xenoblade Chronicles X myself. I've got such a huge backlog on my Switch, it ain't even funny xD. It doesn't help that New Super Mario U Deluxe is coming out in 3 days.

New dad though, congrats :) I'm both looking forward to it and dreading it myself, but i'm glad that my GF isn't thinking about kids yet.

Yeah, I absolutely love lengthy RPGs,, I hope I can find the time to continue to play them.

Not only a new first time dad, but the dad of twins.  A boy and girl. Life got real. Real fast.  

I have the same issue with lengthy RPGs nowadays. I find it hard to commit to one, given my limited gaming time. It took me over two months just to get through DQXI 100%. 

It's easier when it's something on the Switch or 3ds, since I can play those on the bus to work, but anything on PC/Home Console needs to be something that I really want to play above anything else. I usually settle for SP games that I can finish in 20 - 30 hours. 

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