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Yesterday FFXIV Patch 4.5 came out and continued the "Return to Ivalice " storyline and we got our introduction to Fran. And it looks like they're using her updated model from the Zodiac Age Remaster.



Along with Patch 4.5 we also get a happy ending for Tactics/War of the Lions


Side note: Characters and locations from Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy 12 have all been referenced in Final Fantasy 14 since the launch of the game and up to this point. The War of the Lions storyline seems largely intact as past events in the world of Final Fantasy 14, but everything in Final Fantasy 12 is different as if it was an alternate timeline.

Also Viera will be playable in the Expansion Shadowbringers coming early summer 2019 which means the first Ivalice-specific race to be playable.