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OTBWY said:
CrazyGPU said:

I don't see any big turnarround. It's just Nintendo is smartly selling a mobile device with TV connection as a home console with portability. As  a mobile device they won Japan and its good as a present for kids in USA. That's why is selling so well. I woudn't compare it with PS4. It's another market. Graphics wise, power wise, you also can tell that it's a mobile device with TV connection. 

The Switch is competing directly with the PS4. That's a fact. I don't know what you even mean with "another market" as they are in the same market. Video game entertainment.

Nope, it isn't. If a competitor entering the market doesn't shift your sales (and PS4 had it's best year when Switch launched, and this year is like 2nd or 3rd best with the decline being natural for the age of the console and hitting peak last year) then it isn't a direct competitor.

If Xbox wasn't on the market (mainly USA and UK) PS4 sales would have been considerably higher.

Come next gen and if Switch 2 eat away market from PS5 or X4 then you can claim this.

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