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PwerlvlAmy said:
Kerotan said:

We got actual reality today from Sony. A whopping 92m after 2018 and spiderman has sold an insane 9m+ as of November 25th. And both figures sold to consumer. Madness. 

92m is great(gonna hit 100m easily this year)  but the 9m spider-man doesnt look that great if you say only 9m people out of 92m bought spider-man

That is a pretty great attach ratio. Even during PS2 160M HW sold, only Gran Turismo crossed 10M barrier for Sony. Last gen on 85M PS3, only GT and UC crossed it from what I remember. This gen Sony have crossed this barrier with several of their games or at least came close (before this gen, 5M would already be deemed great).

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