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Front Mission 3 thing was weird, the game was good, I didn't finish it as I got it like years later on PS1 but the dialogue wasn't the best.

All the cast of FF13 besides Fang and Vanille, I actually liked them a little, well Fang at least because she didn't seem as 'emo kid' as the rest of these adults, the whole thing was a bit messy.

Star Ocean 4, all of them, that game hurts. The dialogue and sounds just ruined it.

Ryder from ME:A, basically a flat slate character with no personality.

Less cringe/just because they were bad but because the situation was messed up: By the end I did not like Joel, from Last of Us and because of Col Walker, I now disassociate myself with characters in games completely, I guess Spec Ops did it's job.

Last edited by The Fury - on 08 January 2019

Hmm, pie.