When the PS5 is produced i would like to see them come out with a pro version at the same time but a little different.

The pro version would double everything cpu (8 core now 16) video card ram etc. Why you ask the pro version would allow much higher graphics frame rate but it would also allow one game purchase be played by two people in the same household on two different screens (maybe purchase extra wireless hdmi so can be played on another screen in different room or use app on smart TV with wifi). Or even play different games at the same time. 

Also allow it to be used as a unit for game design Sony should partner up with several game engines and have their own as well. Also allow video design programs and other pro minded software. Because if the basic PS5 had 10TF graphics and 8 core CPU you double that and have a better than average PC that Sony could sell to professionals and extreme gamers. 

If they did so they wouldn't have to worry as much about game graphics passing them by mid gen and over time the price would decrease to become more main line. 

Now being a greedy tech dude i'd love to see 4x alongside the 2x option. (maybe AMD should be the one to come out with such a beast 40TF 32 core lol)

Now this would work even better with microsoft with the prfessional version being packaged with windows.