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vivster said:
Ka-pi96 said:

Anything? :O

If the resemblance is high enough, sure. I mean I'm having sex with a body that triggers my arousal with preprogrammed primary and secondary sexual features. I'm not having sex with DNA or morals. If the body is close enough to a female human that it's arousing, why not?

Sexy, yes, but it seems reasonable to suppose that it's possible for aliens to have a wide range of body temperatures, perhaps to the point where it would be a coincidence to have a precise match to human temperatures.

Maybe your sexy looking dream alien has a body temperature of 70º C... so she would be turned off and appaled by your corpse-like coldness, while you would be burned, and I don't mean (only) emotionally.

I don't think anyone here is taking these practical details into account, huh?