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Intrinsic said:
JRPGfan said:

 Factor in another ~3-4m for the PS4 in december, that ll mean its a 19m+ year (more than I expected).

More than I expected too. Also means it can end last year at 92M+.......

92M in a little over 5yrs... thats gotta be some sort of record.

And after 6 it will probably be over 117m possibly before the PS5 is even announced. That would be crazy. 

FarleyMcFirefly said:

I think it's crazy how the 3DS sold like Wii U average numbers, in its 8th year on the market. I think it could leg out to 78-80 million. Definitely will pass the 75m milestone.

I'm interested to see if 3ds can beat psp. It's losing momentum fast but you never know. 

SvennoJ said:
Are those software numbers excluding digital? Must be or that's quite a drop.

No digital included.