pikashoe said:

Your saying having options on how to do a mission gets old compared to having to do a mission in an extremely limited way. The missions in this game make me feel like I'm being treated like child because there is absolutely no thought needed to get through them. You just follow the dot on the map and auto lock everything to death. Most of the time you are told exactly what to do and if ypu try to do anything your own way it is just a failscreen. This just is not acceptable  in an open world game in 2018.

The scenery was great but after 50 hours it gets old. And getting around the world just isn't very fun.

Having options on ways to do a mission sounds fun on paper, but rarely do games do that well in open world environments. You can also turn off the minimap for more immersion.

If it gets old for you that's down to taste. I find it beautiful no matter how many times I go to a place. The time of day is different as well so it adds variety. Also no way you explored the entire map and did the side quests in 50 hours. I'm 120 hours in and there is still stuff to do and the side quests are so engaging I want to do more of them, not like Assassin's Creed.

You can have structure in a mission and still have options on how you go about that mission within that structure. In rdr2 they tell you exactly how to do the mission and if you take one step out of line you are punished with a fail screen. Turning off the mini map makes many missions impossible. There is a mission where u have to park a stage coach in a secluded area. But rather than letting you do this yourself you have to park it in a specific area that is only visible on the mini map. This level of linearity in an open world game is not acceptable. 

It gets old because I don't want to be forced to do it every time. I want the option to get where I need to go quicker sometimes. Like in botw sometimes I will travel from one side of the map to the other because I want to, but if I want to get somewhere quicker I also have GOOD fast travel options to do that. I never said I did everything in 50 hours I said that after 50 hours being forced to travel in this way gets boring. A lot of the side quests are repetitive and are just glorified fetch quests. I'm not saying your way of playing is wrong I just think the game could be way more accommodating of differing play styles. 

I recommend watching nakeyjackey's video on red dead 2 or reading Mark Brown's writeup on it. They put it in much better words than I do.