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Faelco said:
KManX89 said:

Because it takes a hell of a lot of manpower and resources to put a tiny red dot in an FPS game.

And it's not entitlement to say that a basic feature that's free in every other FPS game should be free in this one. I was right, some people really would defend Activi$ion (they will forever be called Activi$ion after all their shenanigans) selling them ammo, and I get the feeling just by reading your posts that you'd be one of the people defending them on that, and you know what? Given everything else they've done, I wouldn't put it past Acti. 

What are you even talking about... I just played Call of for a few days and I have like 3 or 4 different reticles for the weapons I use, and it's perfectly free. 

This is why the entitlement of people like the OP bothers me.  If someone doesn't like microtransactions, that's fine.  It is perfectly within the rights of the consumer to tell Activision that or to even decline buying their game over it.  The consumer has final veto power most of the time.  However, when a company creates something extra, something that isn't necessary to the experience, and then someone has a hissy fit over it and yells, "I SHOULD GET EVERYTHING YOU DO FOR FREE," that's pure entitlement.

That he further tries to equate an unnecessary cosmetic addition to forcing someone to pay for ammunition is even worse than that, it's flat out dishonest.