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vivster said:

I will believe a 10+ TFLOPS PS5 when I see it. The current high end tops off at about 15TFLOPS and midrange is about half of that. Unless they make a more expensive Pro version right at launch I don't see PS5 being that powerful. Console makers have shown nothing but utter contempt when it comes to games at 30+ FPS, so I do not expect them to take that as a goal when it's so much easier and cheaper to work with a 4k30 baseline.

Then you are choosing to ignore the facts.

XB1x with a 16nm APU has 6TF. Going from 28nm to 16nm allowed MS to increase their GPU CU count from 14 to 44. And sony to do the same from 20 to 40.

But yet you feel going from 16nm to 7nm will only yield a 50% bump at best? That makes no sense. 

Barring any other improvements, the PS5 and XB4 should at the very least have 12TF GPUs from just doubling the CU count from what we have in the XB1X which is something that is a default benefit of using 7nm fabrication. And this is assuming that clock speeds aren't improved in anyway. Like this is lookin at the least amount of specialized hardware engineering.

If it will make you feel better; 7nm will do wonders for PC hardware too. So on the PC side expect to see a mid range of around 16TF to 18TF and a high end of around 25TF and up. Eventually.