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HoangNhatAnh said:
Replicant said:

Who forces you to buy the red dot in COD?

Stop defending this bs even if it comes from your beloved Nintendo.

LOL except Awakening have two modes: Classic mode and Casual mode, you can choose whatever you want. I don't care about Activision practice, you are the one who attacked Nintendo first, want me to stop defending them?  So how about you when you defended your beloved Sony? Now, if you think a pixel red dot have the same value as Awakening DLCs or an Amiibo figure then sure lmao

I obviously played Awakening in Classic mode (what's the point of playing a Fire Emblem in casual mode...). I don't remember it impacting the grinding, the crappy balance, the awful scenario, the broken mechanisms, the bland maps, the non existing objectives, the generic characters... It's a bad TRPG who doesn't deserve to share the name of Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn (it's an OK dating sim for anime fans at best). This doesn't really have anything to do with the awful DLCs put in it (although I have to admit that the DLC really belong in this amazing ensemble...). 

And stop trying to do the ridiculous comparison "one pixel is not the same value as a figure". Are they sold the same price? Do they have the same importance in their respective games? The point is that no, Nintendo is not a perfect company able to give others a lesson when it comes to DLC or additional content. They're not as dirty as Activision or EA, but they're in no position to give others lessons.

Last edited by Faelco - on 04 January 2019