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Faelco said:
HoangNhatAnh said:

Good, so you are agreeing with me, heh

The issue with Amiibo is that IIRC they sometimes put game content behind a physical paywall that was sometimes out of stock.

If it's just a figurine, sure, no issue. But putting game content in it is way more annoying than simple DLC. 

Anyway, Nintendo is also no stranger to disgusting DLCs. Fire Emblem Awakening DLCs were a nightmare: expensive, bad, and with game breaking mechanisms (unlimited XP and money, best objects of the game). Sure, "it wasn't an online game", but still, they're in no position to give lessons to anyone. 

So you mean Awakening DLCs and Amiibo have the same value as a pixel red dot then, well sure lol.

Also, who force you have to grinding when playing Awakening? You can choose classic mode, problem solved.