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vivster said:

PS4 exclusives are 1080p 30 fps on the base console and go upto checkerboard 4K 30 fps on Pro. We know Pro is bottled by its weak CPU and its lack of memory.

PS5 is supposedly going to have Ryzen CPU and a GPU 3 times more powerful in terms of teraflops, with a more modern architecture and with 16 GB of RAM atleast as Xbox One X already has 12 GB. The suggested specs should easily run PS4 Pro games at twice the resolution, as checkerboarding halves the resolution on one axis and twice the framerate, which is fairly easy since the GPU is hugely powerful and even PS4 Pro's weak CPU can run some exclusives at 1080p 60 fps. The 16 GB RAM will allow 4K textures. I'm certain PS5 will be capable of doing this if these are the specifications, but of course Sony needs to allow its developers to upgrade their games on PS5.

I will believe a 10+ TFLOPS PS5 when I see it. The current high end tops off at about 15TFLOPS and midrange is about half of that. Unless they make a more expensive Pro version right at launch I don't see PS5 being that powerful. Console makers have shown nothing but utter contempt when it comes to games at 30+ FPS, so I do not expect them to take that as a goal when it's so much easier and cheaper to work with a 4k30 baseline.

Even if console made a magic and were stronger than the strongest PC HW at the time of release on Sony and MS plus most of 3rd parties they would prefer 30fps standard as have been the history of gaming since ever. PS360>Wii PS4X1>WiiU+Switch still most games on Sony MS plat have been 30fps even though they were much stronger than Nintendo HW that were pushing 60fps games.

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