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vivster said:

The PS4 can't even play every game at 1080p60.

Its a numbers thing. 

If 1.8TF can give you mostly 1080p@3ofps

Then 7.2TF can give you 4k@3fps of the same game using the same assets with the only bump being resolution. And this is being very generous because not everything scales up too.

So its safe to assume that a GPU with around 12TF-15TF can give you 4k@60fps of that same game with those same assets.

But this is the PS5 running games originally designed to run on the PS4 in 1080p@30fps. I expect actual PS5 games to be back at running at 4k@30fps.

DonFerrari said:

How would they explain it? They removed BC on PS3 with 0 backlash, didn't put BC on PS4 and had no hurdle, MS put BC on X1 and it didn't even move the needle.

You'll have to justify the extra profit Sony would do with BC or how much you can accertain it would lose without BC. Because all I see is you and others wanting they to put a feature for free that would remove revenue from double dipping.

Doesn't seem something as certain as you like to think.

No. Launch PS3s had BC. And even then it was harder to implement but they still did it. 

Going from PS3 to PS4 is not the same as going from PS4 to PS5. One reason being that now PS+ is mandatory for online play and two digital distribution is a lot bigger in the 8th gen than it was in the 7th and will be even bigger in the 9th. And you aren't lookin at the big picture. Which is also why MS was pushing so hard for cross platform MP. Ensuring platform continuity via BC is a great way to ensure that everyone that owns a PS4 and has bought any number of digital games is carried over to the PS5. If you tell them they cant play the games they have in the PS4 library in their PSN accounts on the PS5, so why cant they just buy an XB since it means they are really starting afresh anyways.

Take me for instance. I don't have a single physical game. If sony told me come the PS5 that I cant play any f these games that I have in my digital library on the PS5 but I can see XB2 playing XB1 games? I will never buy a sony platform again. simply because they have basically ensured all the games I bought over the last 7yrs has become vaporware. 

Another way to look at it, if the PS5 doesn't support BC it will be like google releasing android 10 with no support for any android apps whatsoever. 

Last edited by Intrinsic - on 03 January 2019